Ride info

Start points map

Notice: New start point "CL" means contact leader for start point coordinates. We will use this while groups are restricted due to the Coronavirus advice.

For any other startpoint no advance registration is required, simply turn up for the ride. The locations are shown below, the icons reveal further info:

Breaks (to be used in the calendar as "(cp-)")

  • b: Bring your own food / drink

  • c: Café / tea shop / garden centre

  • p: Pub

  • g: Private garden (NGS) serving teas

  • o: Other (e.g. village shop)

A guide to our rides


  • Gentle pace, walking on some hills

  • Average speed below 10 mph

  • Stopping for 11's, lunch and 3's

  • Mainly on minor and B roads

  • Suitable for people who are reasonably fit, have done some cycling in a group, and as a step to Medium rides


  • Consistent pace riding most hills

  • Speeds 10-14 mph

  • Stops for 11's, lunch and 3's

  • Some A roads but mainly B and minor roads

  • Should be suitable for most regular riders but not for beginners unless very fit


  • Faster and more consistent pace, riding all hills

  • Speeds over 14 mph

  • Stops for lunch and usually for 11's and 3's

  • More use of A roads

  • Not suitable for beginners